The Science FEST Project

The Science FEST (Future Elementary School Teachers) Project was an enrichment project for highly motivated future teachers at El Camino Community College. Over the project's six years, this project had a group of exemplary prospective teachers who developed science instructional materials and taught their modules in the K-12 classroom. We are proud of the science modules designed during Science FEST and we are most proud of the college students who demonstrated that great science teaching is blend of high quality instructional materials, engaging pedagogy, and the notion that all students can excel in science!

The BEST Science Project

The BEST (Beginning Elementary School Teachers) Science Project was designed for novice teachers to enhance their professional development efforts. The participants were new classroom teachers who seek to enhance their own science content knowledge, develop top quality science modules, and use them to teach exciting science in their classrooms. We were impressed with at the caliber of science questions posed by our classroom teachers and how these questions led to engaging dialog and a deeper understanding of the world around us!