Over the years, we have gathered photos of our participants teaching great science to K-12 students. 

It is our pleasure to share some of them with you!


A Fourth Grader Demonstrating Electron Transfer


Young Ladies Discovering How The Moon Was Formed


Fourth Graders Completing A Circuit


Second Graders Classifying Rocks



A Fifth Grader Examining The Density Of Liquids


Fifth Graders And Future Teachers Demonstrate Lift


The Essence Of Fluorescence


A Fourth Grader Checks Out Magnetism


Look Everyone!  I Made A Crystal!


Astronomer & Junior Astronomers Showing How Optics Work


Third Graders Recognizing The Planets By Their Appearance


A Third Grader Demonstrating The Phases Of The Moon


Sixth Graders Show How A Shield Volcano Erupts


Third Graders Demonstrate How Telescopes Work


Students Discovering Color Is Dependent On Light



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