It has been most gratifying to see our participants develop as teachers. We are proud of each participant in Science FEST and BEST Science and we hope that in some small way, we have contributed to their lifelong learning and to their careers as teachers.  We asked our Science FEST participants to write reflections about their experiences in the Science FEST Project while they were pre-service teachers and again once they became classroom teachers.  We are pleased to share some of their thoughts with you.


Reflections Of Science FEST Participants As Future Teachers

Being in Science FEST has given me the opportunity to really see what a difference one person can make. I now really understand how important it is for me to become a teacher. There is a lot and I emphasize A LOT of work involved, but it is well worth every minute of it!

During my second round of classroom teaching I met a wonderful 3rd grade class of Stefanni Gonzales, who is one of the many wonderful teachers at Jefferson Elementary School in Hawthorne, California. This was the first time I taught the Solar System Module without my partner as well as it was the debut for Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion. Needless to say, I was very nervous even though I had some successful experiences teaching just a few months before. The first and second days went as planned and my confidence about teaching the solar system was again restored. During the third day, I hit a couple of bumps as I began to explain Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion. I again realized that when one teaches new content, there may very well be those bumps in the road even though a teacher is well prepared. As part of the assessment of the module, the class participated in the Solar System Review Game and it was an exciting experience to see how much they have learned. Not only was the class was able to answer 56 questions about the solar system without assistance from adults, they were also able to explain Kepler's Three Laws of Planetary Motion. It was great! But the real surprise and important moment for me came at the end of my last day of teaching these students.

When I told the third graders that this was my last day in their classroom, many of the little girls surrounded me and started asking questions about me. Some of the questions were: "How old are you?", "Can you come visit us again?" and "If I go to El Camino College will I see you there?" One of the female students even gave me all her stars from the game...and I appreciated her generosity. Even more profound was the important connection that day. These young girls took such an interest in me and I initially couldn't figure out why. I started thinking and realized that most of them had never really had a teacher from their culture and that I served as an important role model for them. Many of the students at Jefferson Elementary have Hispanic/Latino backgrounds and speak English as a second language, as I do. Although, English is now my primary language, I still use Spanish in my everyday life. Seeing how all of the Hispanic students, especially the young girls, became connected to me and interested in my life made me realize that they may not have many positive role models from their culture outside of their families. I came to also realize that I have an important role to play in the lives of many minority students in the elementary schools where I teach.

As I reflected back to my own schooling, I realized that... in 17 years in school, I have had only 3 Hispanic/Latino teachers. Two were in high school and both were in Spanish class, 1 was a college history faculty, and only one of the three is female. I realized how much I could contribute as a future educator to students from my culture. It was such an incredible moment for my personally and at that point, everything came into focus. For the first time I felt like I had made a bigger impact on them then just teaching them about the Solar System. It was such an incredible feeling. It makes me even more confident that I have chosen the right career and makes all of my Science FEST teaching experiences teaching all the more memorable.
ww Evelyn Andrade


I walked into a third grade class prepared to teach another group of students about stars. I heard little whispers of "it's Ms. Birch" which I did not think that much of because most of the time the classroom teacher tells the students that a guest teacher is coming named Ms. Birch. However I was a little surprised when a couple of the students looked familiar, but after seeing over 600 students it's hard to remember everyone. I teach this module specifically for third grade and this was the beginning the school year, so I was thinking these students looked familiar because of siblings or because my memory has been overloaded from trying to remember all of these students. I start my first day of teaching by asking the students "What is a star?" Sometimes the students get one or two of the properties I want them to know, but I have never had a class give me a precise definition. The ultimate goal is for the students to define a star as "a hot sphere of glowing gas". I started my first day like I always do "What is a star?", and several hands shot up in the air. I call on one student and his response was "a sphere of glowing gas". I was stunned! I assumed that I taught an older sibling that shared this information at home. Which is great I do not want the learning to stop in the classroom, the students should share knowledge with friends, siblings, and parents. The next class meeting two of the students came up to me and said we were in Ms. Tautges's 1st grade class. Then I realized two years ago I had volunteered to teach a first grade class and that these students were from that same class. I was encouraged and delighted to realized that the six year olds I taught two years ago not only remember me, but they remember great science the exact way I had taught them. ww  Stephanie Bonoan


Three years ago I walked through a door and into a meeting with a handful of future teachers and two considerably different professors. Little did I know that those two professors and that one-hour on a Wednesday night would change my life forever. I went to that first meeting unsure of what to expect. I was taught to forget what I knew about how to approach writing a lesson plan and to focus on what I found fascinating in science * the WOWIES of science. Once I found my WOWIES science started to become fun and interesting to me. That is one of the true gifts that I have received from being in Science FEST! I found a deep interest and love for science that never would have blossomed if it were not for Science FEST and the amazing faculty advisors, Dr. Hacking (content, content, content!) and Dr. Kasabian. Science FEST has opened so many doors for me as a future teacher and has provided me with immeasurable experience in the classroom, in professional development, and in curriculum planning. Science FEST has not only made me a stronger and more experienced future teacher but it has also helped make me a stronger and more confident individual. Everyday I am amazed by the things that I have accomplished because of Science FEST. I have presented at national science conferences, I have written an entire module on the stars, I have taught my own module in countless classrooms in numerous schools, and I have shared my newfound love and enthusiasm for science with all the students that I have taught throughout the years. Three years ago I stepped into my first Science FEST meeting with the opinion that science was my least favorite subject. Four years later, I am writing proposals to present at national science conferences all over the United States and going on to pursue my Master's in Science Education. That is the enormous impact that Science FEST has made on my life and I am forever grateful for the countless opportunities that I have had because of Science FEST and all the people who cared enough to see us through this incredible journey. Thank you Science FEST! ww Kristina Atia


Teaching fifth grade students about the principles of flight and rockets was an amazing experience. Not only did the students learn about the content but I learned a great deal from teaching the module to 5th graders. Our first demonstration, illustrating the lift of Bernoulli's Principle, started with a post-it note wrapped around a pencil simulating an airplane wing. Even though it demonstrated the principle to some extent, we came up with a much better idea. We used large piece of poster board to create a "wing" that a student could put on his/her arm so that we could show the low pressure/high speed and high pressure/low speed. We realized that if one wing was good, two wings would be better! We constructed another wing and used it the next day. MUCH BETTER IDEA! We realized that a teacher has to continually think about how to make a lesson or demonstration better. In just a short time, my partner Renee and I have learned so much about teaching science to elementary school students. We are now looking forward to taking the next step - teaching our module by ourselves. We also look forward to exploring any opportunities that come our way during our work in Science FEST. A special thanks to our Science FEST advisors who were generously supportive during the design and teaching of our module. ww Barb Roth


Science FEST has been a wonderful experience for me, a moment in my life that will stay with me forever.....People say that a persons life changes with different events in their life and I am a firm believer of this....Thanks to Science Fest I will now be working on my new major Science Education!!! I will also be attending a great school LMU...During this whole process I have learned many things but most importantly to make teaching fun for the students as well as for my self...Secondly I have learned that teaching is a hard job that great teachers make look so easy...not only that but that as a teacher you will always look to make your teaching better by reflecting on the good and bad things and make changes...I feel that now I will be a prepared and knowledgeable future teacher....Thanks to the hard work and long hours you have all dedicated to myself and the other Science FESTers. I also want to thank you all for the wonderful books that were picked out for me....They are greatly appreciated and will get good use....Words cannot describe how much I care for each and everyone of you.....All I can say is thank you, thank you. ww Jeimy Gebin


Until Science FEST, science was just another subject in school. Science FEST was my medium to becoming a life long learner not only of science but of the world around me.  ww Michelle Jardin



Reflections Of Science FEST Participants As CLASSROOM Teachers

WOWIE!  A term that quickly became associated with Science FEST.  I began my journey with Science FEST during the 2002 academic school year as a flagship participant.  Initially I expected to learn and then implement science content in the elementary classroom.  Science FEST not only introduced me to a broader understanding of science content, but a deeper understanding of presenting, collaborating, learning, writing, and working towards a goal that was not always clear.

Entering Science FEST for the first time, I learned I would be choosing and then developing astronomy curriculum for elementary students.  I quickly chose optics as my focus and embarked into a world of discovery and wonderment.

Soon into developing science content, I found myself lesson planning, collaborating with my peers and mentors, and entering the classroom for the first time as a teacher ( all of which I had not anticipated).  The exposure I experienced were opportunities that most classroom teachers do not have until their student teaching assignments which usually occur during your fifth year of teacher preparation courses.

Science FEST afforded me opportunities to conduct science workshops for the National Science Foundation, El Camino Community College, and introduce the subject of optics to third grade urban classrooms.  Not only did I further  my knowledge in optics, but I also expanded my knowledge on science content such as phases on the moon and planetary rotations.

One enjoyable  aspect was learning how to accept and use corrective feedback from the writing component of the module.  Developing the science modules required many hours of editing and rewriting which then transferred into the writing of my master's thesis and then into my own classroom teaching of the writing process.

Science FEST was and continues to be a WOWIE! for me.  It was an integral part of the development and growth as an educator and leader, and the endless possibilities that await me are soon to come. 

As I quickly move into my fifth year of elementary teaching, I hope for my students to discover their WOWIE!, and to soon discover that hard work and determination are the positive challenges that await them. ww Michelle Jardin, First Grade Teacher


I grew up, and still reside, in a predominantly Spanish speaking community in a low income neighborhood. As a member of the Science FEST Project, I have been able to teach science lessons at the schools in my community. This program helped me create a comprehensive science module that is inquiry based, and reflects the national and state standards. Science FEST places novice teachers in low-income school districts like Hawthorne and Lennox to teach science lessons on a volunteer basis. When I joined Science FEST I had to overcome my bias against the subject of science since I had always been a poor student in this area. It was not until college when I experienced my first science course with a lab that I discovered how much I truly enjoyed the subject. The lab setting gave me the opportunity, as a visual learner, to participate in science curriculum in a hands-on fashion. This experience inspired me to teach fun, interactive, hands-on science lessons to elementary students in order to spark their interest in science. As a participant in this program I did not receive any monetary gain or college credit for my efforts but received educational experiences that I would not have received anywhere else. I am now a first grade teacher at Dr. Theodore T. Alexander Science Center School, which is affiliated with the California Science Center. I am teaching in a school that I love and send a special thanks to Science FEST for all of the opportunities. ww Renee Bazant, First Grade Teacher


In the beginning Science FEST gave me the opportunity to come in as a pre-service teacher, develop my own instructional materials, and teach these materials to different groups of students.  It was one of the best and most difficult experiences of my career.  After landing my 5th grade teaching position, Science FEST followed me right into my classroom.  I found myself wanting to do science all of the time.  I wanted to do projects, and experiments, and I wanted my students to feel the same excitement about science that I had felt the first day I joined Science FEST.  

Science FEST enabled me to go to Houston, Texas to do a summer program with NASA and explore the possibilities of life on Mars.  Wow, did I have a great time.  I came back from this trip ready to dive into my module, change it up, and create some new work. 

Later I was invited to Washington D.C. for the NASA Teachers Conference, where I presented my module Exploring the Red Planet to elementary school teachers.  This was a humbling but rewarding experience.  I really enjoyed presenting my work. 

After speaking with Judy Kasabian about a science program for kids, I was inspired to start my own after school science program.  I started the first Science FEST Kids at my school.  With a little help from Northrop Grumman, Judy, and El Camino College I created a fun and exciting after school program for 12 students at my school.  This was an amazing opportunity to bring kids in after school, to create their own science experiments, test their theories, and then present them in the end.  Did I mention they got to present their projects to several scientists at Northrop Grumman.  Awesome! 

We were invited to Northrop Grumman for the day.  We took a tour, ate lunch with the scientists, and then the students did their presentations.  The students also had a chance to do a question and answer session with the scientists. With a burning desire, the students asked some great questions and received many great answers.  This experience was so amazing and educational.  It was great for me to sit back and watch my students learning, and enjoying every minuet of it.  The excitement on their faces said it all.

Now I am an itinerant dance teacher in the Arts Education Branch for the Los Angeles Unified School District.  I am able to create my own curriculum, which means I can teach dance with any subject. I have not forgotten about science. Science is a lot like dance.  There is a lot of exploration, and there are many theories to be tested.  I will always have a special place in my teaching for science.  My name is Allison Ho, I have been teaching for 4 years, and I would like to say, Thank you Science FEST for giving me so many rich opportunities to explore the wonderful world of science. ww Allison Ho, Elementary School Dance Teacher


Science FEST has drastically and forever changed my life.  This may seem like a gross overstatement but I would not be where I am today in my career if I had not been part of the Science FEST program.  I was dragged into Science FEST by the insistence of my teacher.  I walked into that first meeting hating science. I arrived willing to hear them out and prepared to walk out and never look back.  Instead, I found myself immersed in an environment full of passion and excitement for teaching, surrounded by people who truly loved what they did.  I realized that my hatred toward science was a fear toward science, a fear of not knowing and not understanding.  I learned that science is not a subject to be feared, but one that is full of awe, wonder, and excitement.  I discovered how to take a fresh approach to teaching (and learning) science.  One lesson I will always remember came from our content expert who said you must start a lesson with what excites you.  Science is something that should make you exclaim, “WOW!”  Whenever I think about my lessons, I think about his advice and the motto that everyone in Science FEST was so very fond of, “Science is a WOWIE!”

I started in Science FEST as a timid college sophomore.  I walked out of the program years later with more confidence in myself as a person and as a teacher.  Science FEST opened up a world of opportunities to me.  I presented my science unit at NSTA and CSTA with my fellow Science FEST members.  I was a part of the Weightless Flights Of Discovery program where I conducted science experiments on a plane that simulated zero gravity.  I was hired as a fifth grade teacher right after I graduated college because of my work with Science FEST.  I am the science “expert” at the school, which is fairly ironic considering how my attitude toward science started out.  Even though this is only my second year teaching, I have instituted a K-5 Science Lab and am responsible for creating science experiments for every grade level.  I am on the Science Committee and in charge of organizing the school Science Fair for our school.  I was sent to the East Coast by my district to take part in the Mickelson Academy, a weeklong event for science teachers.  I have continued to create science units and have been accepted to present my science unit at CSTA.  I have made many contacts during my time at science conferences with people from NASA, JPL, and Northrop Grumman. 

Science FEST has shaped me into the educator I am today.  This program has put me on paths that I never expected or dreamed of.  Because of Science FEST, I am now pursuing a Master’s in Science Education. My main goal as an educator is to infuse my students with a passion for science the way the staff of Science FEST did for me. ww Kristina Atia, 5th Grade Teacher


Before becoming a member of Science FEST, I was very apprehensive about my abilities in teaching science as a part of my career. Although the subject fascinated me, I did not believe that I would have neither the capacity nor the wherewithal to be a good science teacher. I would like to take this opportunity to share with as many people as possible how this one program not only changed my views of teaching science, but also truly enriched my life.

I joined Science FEST in the spring of 2004 at the suggestion of my math professor and Science FEST Director, Dr. Judy Kasabian. At the time, I had not realized that this decision would be one of the best I had ever made for my future career as a teacher. Besides giving me the opportunity for valuable field experience, this program opened countless doors for me to network with professionals in the field of education and to greatly expand my career prospects.

In June of 2004, I was one of several Science FEST members selected by NSF to intern for a university laboratory as a pre-service teacher. While all of the other Science FEST members were chosen to intern at University of California, Berkeley, I spent the entire summer at Princeton University working for the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). Here, I worked as a paid intern and was mentored by one of the labs most senior engineers. Using my experience in writing and implementing lessons from Science FEST, I developed an inquiry based science module called Water Quality and Pollution in our Environment with lessons on water quality that correspond with fifth grade curriculum standards in California. Through my duties as an intern, I gained hands-on experience working in the Princeton Environmental Analytical Radiological Laboratory testing air quality and pollution.

The following year, through a Science FEST partnership with Northrop Grumman Space Technology, I was asked to work for Northrop Grumman as a part of their educational outreach. As a subcontractor, I led educational tours of the facility for students grades K-12 and helped develop and teach numerous inquiry based science lessons. Serving as a Northrop Grumman representative, I also presented science materials for educational purposes at space conferences nation wide. I always felt well prepared for these conferences because of the previous experiences I had presenting for the National Science Teachers Association Conventions as a Science FEST member.

Last summer, I was informed of a position teaching English to elementary school students at a camp in Korea. The person that I suggested apply with me was another former Science "FESTer", Melissa Beauchamp. We were told that this job opportunity would be highly competitive as there were many applicants who had already been teaching for years. There is no doubt in my mind that we were both offered this position over experienced classroom teachers because of what Science FEST has done for our resumes. Melissa and I were also able to provide the camp with language modified versions of science lessons, which were acquired through Science FEST.

Among helping me become a more well rounded person, and giving me the opportunity to see more of the world, the most valuable thing that I will take from my experiences in Science FEST is the confidence I now have in my own teaching. I would like to give a very, very special thanks to Dr. Judy Kasabian for having such a profound influence on my life and future career.  ww Laura Lizarzaburu,  Teacher Candidate


Science FEST helped me in my pursuit of becoming a teacher in many ways. As a pre-service teacher, Science FEST gave me the opportunity to go into several classrooms and present material, content and activities that I researched and developed while creating a module on the weather. This classroom experience worked wonders for getting over the jitters of being in front of 30 plus children. Even with mishaps and missteps, it was such a positive experience that I decided that what I really wanted to do was to teach science full time!

I had experienced educators walk me through the planning and implementation stages of my module as well as giving feedback after each lesson. Science FEST helped me realize that I needed to become an “expert” in the content, so that I could answer any questions the students might ask. I learned that “wowies” were an integral part of the education process and helped students to construct meaning from their experiences. Science FEST help me to select appropriate activities, experiments and demonstrations to reveal and explain various concepts that relate to the subject matter and to make abstract concepts more concrete for the students. Many of the experiments and ‘wowies’ that were in my presentations became part of completed lesson plans for my methodology and pedagogy classes and are now part of my tool box for helping my students learn about various aspects of science. Through Science FEST, I was able to create very detailed lesson plans that exceeded the expectations of my university professors. Science FEST gave me the opportunity to develop my curriculum and present it under the watchful eyes of 2 wonderful professors, who helped me tweak the presentations and learn not only about content and presentation styles, but engaging kids. I can't thank them enough for allowing me to be part of this great group. I am always looking for that next ‘wowie’ to show my students and let then show off their knowledge to me. ww Paula Borstel, Middle School Science Teacher


There is no doubt in my mind that I am teaching today because of  Science FEST.  While completing my general education classes at El Camino College, I was searching for a major. I was considering Elementary Education, but was unsure if I would enjoy teaching. Thankfully, I was taking a class with a member of Science FEST who told me about the program. I thought what a great idea to gain some experience writing curriculum and teaching, little did I know how wonderful this opportunity would be for me.

I remember the topic of our first meeting, “wowies”. That terms means everything to Science FESTers. We were taught that if in science (or any subject) you can make the kids say “wow” then they are excited and learning can begin. I still use this philosophy when teaching today, am I going to engage my students with this lesson. After completing our lesson planning, we were thrown in the deep end. Right before teaching my first lesson, I remember feeling so nervous I thought I was going to be sick. Dr. Kasabian was there to calm me down and reassure me everything would work out. I don't remember very much of my teaching that first time because the most valuable part came after the lesson. Dr. Kasabian sat down with me and we discussed what went well and what needed to be improved. I learned early in my profession there is always room for improvement, and that it is okay to asked for help. I learned how to take constructive criticism and use it to become a better teacher. The next time I went into the classroom I wasn't nervous, but excited. That was when I knew teaching was my “wowie”.

Several other great opportunities came my way because of Science FEST. The program was originally funded by the National Science Foundation, so Science FEST members were invited to apply for internships. I was accepted to spend the summer at the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley. I was able to teach science all summer to student in elementary grades, attended professional developments, and received highly valued science materials. I have written proposals to present at state and national science conferences and was accepted several times. I asked my principal the other day what she saw on my resume that lead to an interview. She said she was looking for someone with a strong science background, and she was impressed by my internship at Berkeley. Her response proved my point, I would not be teaching today without all the benefits I was fortune enough to receive because of Science FEST.  ww Stephanie Bonoan, 4th Grade Teacher


In 2004, I joined Science FEST, an enrichment program for motivated future teachers.  As a future teacher, I was excited to become part of a program that challenged me to think outside of the box in terms of teaching. Working under brilliant and amazing coaches, Dr. Kasabian and Dr. Hacking, I was constantly pushed to think of new ways to introduce science to children and make the subject tangible and exciting. I created my own document entitled “To Attract or Not to Attract, That is the Question” designed to teach 3rd to 5th graders the concepts of atoms and electricity. I took my curriculum to several Los Angeles schools and taught my own materials. In July 2007, my curriculum was one of 8 selected to be presented at the National Science Foundation convention in St. Louis, Missouri. This small taste of sharing my knowledge and observations with others gave me the drive to push my education further.

After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I enrolled at the University of Southern California to obtain my master’s in teaching as well as my California state credentials. Having had the exposure to writing lesson plans, modifying them as needed, and having classroom experience greatly eased the stress in my first months of graduate school. As I was assigned to teach in local area public schools, I was able to use my experiences in the classroom and start at a level higher that many other students. Teaching science requires you to be flexible and to think quickly on your feet. There are times when experiments fail, you mix up your words, or you forgot the worksheets you needed in the copier. Being a part of Science FEST gave me the opportunity to learn these quickly and adapt my teachings and lessons as needed. I was able to learn from my mistakes and when the time came to work in a classroom, I felt well prepared.

The time spent writing a science module has proven to be a great investment as well. In both semesters spent student teaching I was able to use parts of my unit of study to teach the students. The activities that were created in the office of Dr. Kasabian and tried out in the schools were the same ones I have been using several years later with the same excitement from the students. Most importantly, what I have gained from Science FEST is my love for teaching students a subject that is most often forgotten in schools. In our school days filled with hours of teaching reading and math, science seems to be put on a shelf in far too many schools. Science FEST has taken the step to make sure that future teachers add thought, depth, and passion to their science lessons. I know that I will be one of those teachers and I have Science FEST to thank for it. ww Vanessa Wiens, Teacher Candidate


If I were to say, Science FEST was a great program that would be an understatement. Science FEST changed and shaped my life as an educator. I, too, started as a future teacher, hesitate and didn’t start like everyone else. I didn’t go the first day of the semester because honestly I didn’t like science. Later in the semester, one of the professors saw something in me that I wasn’t too sure was there. I was convinced to attend the meetings on Wednesday night. I walked into a room full of enthusiastic teachers, passionate about science. From that moment on, Science FEST began to change my life. I took something challenging to me and found a “WOWIE” out of it. I was able to take my weakest subject as a teacher and turn it into my strongest. Looking back at everything I have accomplished as a future teacher, Science FEST was the most meaningful and beneficial experience that I was very fortunate to be a part of. All of the members in Science FEST are magnificent. I still have close relationships with members that are now teachers themselves in the classrooms, teaching and enjoying science. The content knowledge, developing a module, teaching it, reflecting on it, teaching it again after reflections, the confidence and motivation to do better, collaboration and support between colleagues, relationships and bonds between members, life experiences traveling to NSTA and CSTA, and the “freebies” were PRICELESS. So, if I were to say Science FEST was a great program that would be an understatement. Science FEST is a life changing program for future teachers, future teachers that are serious and passionate about making a difference in the lives of students."  ww Liana Kiyabu, Elementary School Teacher


I had just embarked on my journey through the educational process to become an elementary school teacher when a Science FEST flier appeared on my desk. Science had never been my favorite subject in school; in fact science scared me. As a future educator I did not want to pass my fears of the subject onto my students. I understood the importance of science in the classroom but the thoughts of teaching it made me shudder. I saw Science FEST as the perfect opportunity to face and maybe even overcome my fears.

The day of the first meeting came and I walked into the Science FEST door a little apprehensive, I didn’t expect much. Four years later Science FEST has completely changed my outlook on science. It is now my favorite subject and I am excited every time I have the opportunity to teach it. Science FEST has granted me numerous opportunities. Without this organization I would not have had the experiences to help me grow as a person and as a future educator.

Through Science FEST I have had the opportunity to develop California Standard based science lessons and taught them in actual classrooms. I was able to travel to various states and present science lessons about the moon phases at NSTA, CSTA, and NCTM.  Before Science FEST I had never heard of these organizations and would never have imagined I would be presenting science material, to an audience of my peers.

The next opportunity presented to me through Science FEST was a position at Northrop Grumman, an Aerospace company. I was hired as a tour guide to their Space Park Technology facility. I gave tours of the facility to K-12 students and taught students a one hour science lesson based on NASA space projects. At the facility I continued to develop science lessons involving weather, satellites, lasers, and rockets. In addition I presented mini science lessons in educational booths at the Sally Ride FESTival, AMS Weather FEST, AIAA Space Conference, and Space Day sponsored by Lockheed Martin.

My experience writing of Science materials in Science FEST and at Northrop Grumman was responsible for my acceptance in a program to teach English in Korea. Lessons that I developed and presented were placed into workbooks for others to use. I am proud to say that the lessons I generated are now used as an example to new and future science teachers. Looking back, had it not been for Science FEST I would not have discovered my interest in science, been able to develop an excitement to travel and teach science, and be a tour guide/science instructor at one of the top Aerospace Defense Contractors in the U.S. I am really thankful for the opportunities and experiences Science FEST has provided and for helping me discover my excitement to becoming a Science teacher. ww Melissa Beauchamp,  Teacher Candidate

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