After designing a science module, Science FEST and BEST Science participants presented their modules in the elementary, middle, or high school classrooms. We are fortunate to have following schools participating in these projects.

I thought I'd share a little bit of good news with you, just in case you had not heard as yet. The STAR testing came back from the State and our 5th grade science scores were the highest in the Hawthorne School District. I am sure this success was due in a large part to the Science FEST program that you provided to these students when they were in the third grade. ww Ken Jacobson, Principal - Jefferson Elementary School

Bellflower Unified School District
Frank E. Woodruff Elementary School

Charter Oaks Unified School District
Cedargrove Elementary School

Hawthorne School District
Jefferson Elementary School
Kornblum Elementary School
Williams Elementary School
Zela Davis Elementary School

Lennox School District
Dolores Huerta Elementary School
Moffett Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District
116th Street Elementary School
Coliseum Street Elementary School
Dr. Theodore T. Alexander Science Center
Milagro Charter School

Manhattan Beach Unified School District
Meadows Elementary School
Pennycamp Elementary School

Redondo Beach Unified School District
Madison Elementary School

Torrance Unified School District
Anza Elementary School
Edison Elementary School
Hickory Elementary School
Jefferson Middle School
John Adams Elementary School
Lincoln Elementary School
Richardson Middle School
Torrance Elementary School
West High School
Yukon Elementary School


A special thanks to all the classroom teachers who so generously and graciously opened their classrooms to Science FEST future teachers, so that they could teach their modules to elementary, middle, and high school students. A gracious thanks to our BEST Science Teachers for continuing to teach great science in the classroom.

Evelyn Andrade Kristina Atia Stephanie Barnes Renee Bazant Melissa Beauchamp Michelle Berkich
Matt Bettino Ruben Bojorquez Stephanie Bonoan Paula Borstel Alison Bouffiou Vone Buckels
Terri Burschinger Gabriela Calderon Krista Clark Madeline Cossey Stephanie Cook Debbie Cubillos
Lauren Darbin Jason Druten Alicia Egan Suzanne Erving Coleen Felix Laura Flores
Joel Garber Molly Gardner Kristen Garstein Jen Gerhardt Denise Gobee Steffani Gonzalez
Laura Graff Katie Griffith Jamie Gunderson Sherry Hall Roy Hayashida Liana Kiyabu
Ann Kim John King Melissa Kirkham Linda Kruse Laura Lizarzaburu Heidi Landgraf
Lynda Lemon-Rush Laura Lind Elisa Lopez Rocio Lopez Roy Lopez Melissa Luis
Marissa Marlette Leanne Marquez Sharon Maxson Deborah Moore Julie Munson John Nelson
Quyen Nguyen Debra Owens Ana Paterson John Paterson Tam Premsrirath Doniece Redmond
Pam Rivers Sandra Rumble Mari Shirai Sherry Skari Carolyn Slade Judith Sniegowski
Leslie Stern Debra Tarbox Donna Tautges Tory Todaro Nicole Trigg Dena VanDevender
Kathryn Varner Myra Young        


This is the second year my students have taken part in the Science FEST presentations. All of the Science FEST future teachers have done a fabulous job in my 3rd grade classroom. They are well prepared, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about their subject. My students not only look forward having them teach science in our classroom but are excited to participate in the hands-on lessons that they bring with them. The presenters do a great job and I am sure that they will make wonderful teachers. ww Leslie Stern, Jefferson Elementary School

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